Whether you need a Web Master, Database Administrator, Active Directory Manager, Group Policy Manager, Network Engineer, Help Desk Support or a Field Engineer we will implement and maintain the proper services you need to help your buisness thrive.
We can design and implement various software solutions even FREE solutions to help keep track of your assets such as:

  • Nagios Network Monitoring Solution
  • Splunk Event Management System
  • Custom Network Tools / Scripts (Written in: MSDOS, C#, C++, BASIC)
  • Custom Web Design / Digital Design
  • Various Custom Forms and Reports
  • Free Database Solutions

Printers / Faxes

Most repairs can be done in house, dont throw out your expensive printer / fax because of one issue, we will diagnose the problem and get you back to normal.

Mobile Devices

Whether you have a Blackberry Enterprise Server or a single smart phone we can setup access to your email, documents, security system, lighting controls and more.

Networks / Servers

Whether you already have servers up and running, are thinking or expanding or already have a full fleet we can give you peace of mind knowing that all your data is always instantly accessable, backed up, and secure.
We make sure your network is running at peak efficiency.

Documents / Remote Access

Your DATA is the most important aspect of your company and you want to make sure it is safe and accessable only to those who need it.
We make sure your security seetings are correct, your file servers are running properly and your backups are running properly.

Trouble Shooting

Have an issue that no one else can solve? We will!
Whether you are having networking problems, work station errors, server errors or printer / fax issues we will find and correct them.

Environmental Consciousness

As LEED Accredited Professionals we are concerned with how we affect our environment.
Luckily for you being Green saves you money, we can automate your companys electronics, lighting and building systems to save you money when your not there.